Homeward Bound

Introducing Teddy Trilobite – my mascot for Homeward Bound

Trilobites are extinct arthropods… distant relatives of modern lobsters, horseshoe crabs and spiders.  They lived from the Lower Cambrian Period (521 million years ago) to the end of the Permian (240 million years ago).  Their emergence and extinction bookend the Paleozoic Age.


Teddy was my ‘rock’ throughout the trip, always there for me in a (large) pocket of my jacket or sleeping in my backpack.  He was made for me especially for the trip by my Mum, Beth Lucas.  Although mistaken for a whale shark and horseshoe crab (understandably) amongst other things, he also served many new friends on-board the M.V. Ushuaia as a pillow, flying object/ball for getting someone’s attention, or simply as a placebo pet for a therapeutic pat.

Teddy is pictured here on his first continental landing at Brown Bluff* on Day #7 – 8th December, 2016.

*Lat: 63° 30’ S, Long: 56° 52’ W.

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