Homeward Bound

Crook n cranky

Massive head-ache, unfortunately not alcohol induced.  I developed razor blades in my throat overnight.

So I’m officially going to kill all the diseased people on the boat.  Quite cranky because I was sooo full of energy and feeling great after yesterday’s tobummoning at Orne Harbour (pictured).  I struggled through breakfast even though I WAS really hungry.  Shared Mary-Anne’s drugs, some sort of squirty throat thing the on-board doctor gave her.  I then washed the squirty bit really well, and passed it on to Kit.  “Drugs are good… Mkay?”

Did a few laps outside on deck as the weather changed overnight and it was a balmy 3.7 degrees and just lightly snowing.  I don’t understand how I can go outside here in that sort of temperature in thin tracky-dacks, ordinary socks and sketchers with a skivvy and light jacket and feel just fine.  If it were 3.7 degrees at home I’d be going out in massive jacket and thick socks whinging about how cold it was.

We’re doing more strategy stuff this morning.  I haven’t done my homework (as usual) due to napping yesterday afternoon.

Oh dear, it’s just not working for me today… so off to bed.

I missed lunch, arriving back in lounge around 2pm.  More content I just can’t get into.  I’m so far behind…  I’m just listening, not doing.  Managed to make a bracelet from connector pen holders and a rubber band, though.  I think I will gift it to Jules as an apology for not really being into her visibility session.

Bob Kaplan video this afternoon, what an interesting man.  I thought I’d be bored out of my skull by this video but was presently surprised.  I loved that he answered Fabian’s last question with 4 verbs rather than 4 adjectives as requested – quite playfully perverse.

Skipped the zodiac cruise this afternoon, simply no energy and feeling all achy-breaky.  Found my santa hat that Andrea borrowed for the party the other night.  Have put it on to try to feel a little more bright – it gets a few smiles which makes me feel a little better.

Oh wow…. Someone’s found my Kris Kringle gift I didn’t get at the party – in the lost and found part of the bar!  The beautiful message inside reads: “A little something handmade by myself from rope washed ashore in Tasmania.  This little sea urchin has travelled far but landed safely in his new home with you.  Your gift for making people laugh and smile is amazing.”  Awesome, that’s seriously brightened my day – I feel loved again!  Thankyou so much to my secret santa, who I think might be Mollie  🙂

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