Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound 2016 Report

I found it extraordinarily difficult on my return from HB16 to explain to friends and family exactly what we did while aboard the MV Ushuaia and what I had personally gained from the experience… in discovering and understanding my own journey.  Pages 7-11 in this document are a break-down of what our faculty members delivered to us and their thoughts on the experience, which hopefully may go part of the way in describing what went on.  I think, however, that it will always be the case that I simply can’t put into words the profound influence my participation in this project has had on my own personal story.  I get emotional just reflecting on my experiences from HB now, but by acknowledging this I know that I display courage in being able to express this feeling – one of the core outcomes of the trip.

And in the background, on Facebook/email and Skype/zoom, we HB16 participants are so much stronger together, willing and wanting to have our voices heard.

So, for those interested in reading the summary of our Homeward Bound 2016 program and voyage, here is a link to the document.  Thanks to the HB Leadership Team for putting this together!

2016 Homeward Bound Project Report



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