Homeward Bound

Departure eve, one week to go.

Having been requested to provide more info on my trip to interested parties at my current place of work, I have unearthed a few tid-bits for consumption on this blog.

For example, the following are the words to “Chicks on the Sea” which is the (attempt at) backing music for my elevator pitch video.

Verse 1

Out on board, the oldish Geo stands

Grasping the rail with her sun burnt hands.

Fixed is her gaze on the shore made of rock

“Lordy, when we get there I swear I’ll kiss the dock!”


Chicks on the sea, girls, chicks, chicks, chicks,

Learning to lead cos the blokes aren’t up to it.

Demonstrate the use of the inner strength we’ve found

While aboard this ship, our trip is called Homeward Bound.

Verse 2

The Rock Licker’s there, awaiting her turn to speak

With her opinioned mind-set the future’s not so bleak.

Says we should change our habits just a bit,

The Earth can fix a lot itself, we’re really just a blip.


Science of the Earth, girls, science, science, science,

Learning to speak with intent on resonance

For the governments of the world to find some common ground

While aboard this ship, our trip is called Homeward Bound.

Verse 3

Sailing is all over and we’ve all found our voice,

We’ll facilitate real action, while there’s still a choice.

The first hump we come to I’m sure we’ll have a win

And everyone who follows us says “Wait for me, I’m in !”

Verse 4

Down at the bar the now wiser Geo stands

Clasping her glass with her blistered, peeling hands.

Fixed are her thoughts on her message now it’s clear:

A vision and direction for the way we all should steer!


Lead them in your field, girls, lead, lead, lead,

Communicate your thoughts and have them refereed.

Emerging from our trip with confidence to burn,

Homeward Bound has shown us girls it really is our turn!


And if you’ve bothered to read this far, here is some doggerel I whacked up on the original HB book face site just to enunciate clearly that I’m prepared to be a wildcard on this journey.


Although I’m called a rock doctor I am not a PhD,

Just a geo with a love of rocks and a basic BSc.

I could boast a lot about my time working here and there

But by far my best achievements are the sons that I have beared                               (…bore?)


I fear that if I’m chosen for this great Antarctic trip

I’ll upset my fellow travellers as a human-induced climate-change skeptic.

(-phew that was a mouthful)

I don’t deny the weather’s warming more than just a little

I just don’t see the benefit in making it so political.


Our focus needs to be on adaptation of our habits,

To learn to live sustainably aboard this ship, our planet.

Reducing pollution of any type is high on my agenda

But of the need for mining, I am a strong defender.


I picture myself leading a team of competent women

To communicate with others on earth’s dynamic system.

On solutions for the future: I know we can find the right balance

So let’s all jump aboard and dig down deep, to find our hidden talents!


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