Rocks and Minerals Roadshows

Now taking bookings for Rocks & Minerals Roadshows!

Today I presented my first Rocks & Minerals Roadshow for 2016!  A big thankyou to Paterson Primary School Y3-4 composite class for having me.

We talked about where you find the different types of rocks – Sedimentary, Metamorphic & Igneous, and how the Earth’s moving tectonic plates control the processes that produce each type.  We also cleared up the definition of archaeologist v palaeontologist v geologist fairly early on in the session when all the kids wanted to see were fossils…  “I’m just a rock doctor, sorry, I don’t have many fossils.  But I do have a piece of a meteorite, and look at all these pretty shiny minerals!”  – my collection made up for the fact I am just a rock-head not a fossil-head.

So much enthusiasm and excitement and omg noise!  It was great fun though, and I really should do it more often…  it was a good work-out for me weight-lifting all my bigger specimens.  Hehe should’ve had the fitbit on.

Check out my new page for details on booking a Roadshow.

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